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Man Thing advanced health, beauty and fitness treatments, Rockhampton AU

Hi and welcome,

My name is Andrew Thompson. I've been working with human bodies for 30 years. I own and operate Man Thing, formerly Reef Studios, in Rockhampton, Central Queensland, Australia.

Over 80% of my clients are male. Regardless of your gender, I will be your therapist.

Man Thing is unique

Man Thing is not your typical beauty salon. In fact, it isn't one. Nor is it some secretive new men's club.

Pubic Hair removal

Man Thing is a lifestyle studio that provides health, beauty, and fitness services.

My motto is "play hard, look good, feel great".

I want to give you the tools to live life to the fullest.

As such, Man Thing is also an info library, adventure channel, meetup point for social rides, and spiritual hangout for creative and open minds.

In every sense, and without apology, MT does not follow the herd.

Men's Body Treatments

Emerald IPL Hair Removal review

By design, my range of treatments is specialised and limited to those that I excel at and enjoy.

My male clients come from all walks of life and all age groups. They're just everyday blokes like you, who see room for improvement in their appearance or overall health.

For guys, waxing and massage are definitely the most popular treatments I provide. IPL hair removal, SMP, and teeth whitening round out the top 5.

Women's Body Treatments

Rockhampton IPL Laser Hair Removal testimonial Wandal client

Women are absolutely welcome too. My typical female clients are no-nonsense independent types.

They are the sort of women who prefer a down-to-earth non-judgemental studio over the pretentious fluff and puff of a salon.

They aren't uptight, delicate, or easily offended, and enjoy a good chat and a laugh.

I'm told that my Brazilians are legendary 😎 and I'm great at zapping facial hair too.

Skin treatments, body hair, massage, and teeth whitening are the other biggies for girls.

Man Thing is good raw fun

Man Thing isn't fluffy. There are no scented candles pumping toxins into your lungs, and definitely no ambient music droning away in the background.

Rockhampton waxing and laser hair removal review, client from Noosa

I want men to feel comfortable and relaxed when they visit, and to know that they're not intruding on some sacred female space.

I designed Man Thing around my own interests and lifestyle. I believe that if you're going to run a niche business, then work should be fun.

Part clinic, part gym, part art studio, you'll find a mountain bike or two beside my desk, and scattered canvases up the hall that I'll get around to finishing one day.

Three decades in the making, Man Thing has a laidback yet professional atmosphere that simply works. I can safely say there's no other studio like it, not just in northern Australia, but anywhere.

Man Thing has an epic article and video library

The Man Thing website is beyond huge. I write all the backend code, I write the content, and I maintain the site, so feel free to lose a whole day exploring.

Men Brazilian review Norman Gardens Rockhampton

The navigation bar up top lists all my treatments and prices. On each treatment page, you'll find extensive FAQ sections to answer your questions, dispel myths, and inform you fully about the treatment you're considering.

Finally, in the Articles section, you'll find a library of articles on anatomy, health, beauty, and fitness.

It's all 100% original content, not just copied from some manufacturer's handbook.

So that's the big spiel. No tricks, no traps, just plain old-fashioned service, quality, and value.