Is it OK to be waxed while pregnant?

Pregnant lady nursing her belly thinking about getting a Brazilian wax before childbirth

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As a ladies' Brazilian Waxing therapist, a question I get asked a lot is, "Is it OK to wax during pregnancy?" That's a fair question given that many expectant first-time Mums have been waxing for years and are used to being smooth.

The simplest answer is that it depends upon your stage of pregnancy.

Waxing during pregnancy - first trimester

During a Brazilian wax, it is necessary to apply some downward and lateral pressure on the pubis and lower stomach, and not far beneath that area, your new baby is growing so we want to be careful.

To help ensure that result, it is very common practice for waxing studios and beauty salons to NOT perform Brazilian or bikini waxing during the first trimester (three months), a.k.a. the period of time when bub is most vulnerable.

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Waxing during pregnancy - second & third trimester

Heading into month 4 and beyond, a beauty therapist is usually more willing to perform an intimate area treatment due to the reduced risk.

The main factor from this point on is which position you find most comfortable.

Some women have difficulty lying on their back for too long due to the weight of the baby on your bladder and other internal organs.

To help remedy this, a good waxing tip is to lay partially on your side, propping your back and stomach with pillows as needed. Most new Mums will find this position comfortable, combined with rotating your upper leg outward to enable better visibility and access for the therapist.

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Waxing during pregnancy - the final days

As the day of delivery approaches, it's very common nowadays for ladies to elect to get a full Brazilian wax including the hair around their anus and perineum.

You want to get this done about 5 days prior so that any lingering pinkness has calmed down.

Going into labour with smooth skin eliminates the need to be shaved on the table by a nurse. You will find that avoiding shaving rash and stubble in the days after delivery is a godsend.

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