Human Behaviour & Psychology

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This is the anchor page for the articles I've written on human behaviour, character traits, personalities, and so forth. You'll find links to all of them here.

Before we set off on this journey though, I want to make one quick distinction. That is, I am not a psychologist. I have done and continue to do a lot of counselling, however I never progressed beyond Cert 4, which was a prerequisite for my other qualifications. Thus, I don't call myself a counsellor either.

With all of that said, I do a lot of unpaid counselling as an aside to my role, and have decades of experience delving into people's minds.

Intimacy and Trust

Most of the body treatments I provide require clients to be partially or fully nude. Thus, they are intimate by default. This fact makes clients vulnerable. When they meet me for the first time, they know nothing about me except what they've read on this website or in customer reviews.

In direct contrast, I'm relaxed. I'm constantly exposed to nudity, so this is just my normal day. No erotic, sensual, or sexual thoughts pass through my mind. A client requires my professional services and it's my role to provide those services. Simple.

It's during this first consultation that clients express their initial concerns. They tell me that they're nervous or apprehensive or scared or horny and so on. Whatever a client's thoughts of the moment, I need to manage them throughout the treatment in order to keep them calm and better perform my job.

Finally, once the task is done and they've survived it, they feel relief, gratitude, and trust, and readily express that to me. Our rapport quickly develops and this never ceases to astound me.

Next visit, the client is completely at ease. I've transitioned from stranger to trusted guru. As they lie on the table, they talk freely, sharing their thoughts and views. Their conversations become more personal and frank, until over time, they share their deeper fears and faults and failings. I've become their confidante.

I'll be honest, I love this part of my job. Intimacy of the body is one thing, but sharing intimacy of the mind? That's brilliant. Everyone likes to be trusted.

Access and Exposure

I'm Gen X, so nothing phases me. Whatever clients tell me, I've heard or lived through worse. I can handle it, and I'm happy to listen and provide silence or support as needed.

Regulars tend to talk easily. After a few sessions, we've shared our mutual battle scars. Sometimes we laugh, often at things that shouldn't be laughed at, and sometimes we're deep and sad when things go wrong in our lives.

I over-share and so do they. I know more secrets about many of my clients than anyone else in the world, even their partners or friends. In return, through my clients, as street-wise as I am, I gain access and exposure to feelings and experiences and worlds that I otherwise would not have known existed. I find all of these new journeys thoroughly fascinating.

I've only begun writing this section of the site in late 2023 and have a huge list of topics I want to cover. Below you can find links to the articles I've written so far. Enjoy!

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