Human Hair Growth Patterns

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Human Hair Growth Patterns

Put simply, body hair grows towards extremities, eg 'lumps and holes'.

For example, hair on the middle arm grows towards the elbow, while hair on your deltoid grows towards the neck and shoulder.

Hair on the stomach grows towards the navel, while hair on the lower leg grows towards the feet.

Pubic hair growth patterns of the perineum and greater pubic area comparison male vs female
Pubic Hair of the Perineum

Male pubic hair grows towards the perineal raphe and tip of the penis, women's pubic hair grows towards the vaginal opening.

When waxing, in all cases, apply the wax in the direction of hair growth with 'mildly firm' pressure, then remove swiftly in the opposite direction.

Sometimes it can be difficult to apply wax in the exact direction of hair growth, in which case, a slightly diagonal application will often suffice. However, the more accurate you are in following the hair growth pattern, the less pain for the client and the better result.

Be a thinking Therapist. Never apply wax against the hair growth pattern.

The Human Hair Growth Pattern for Male Waxing

Tender Areas

Just as hair growth patterns are the same from person to person, so are areas of tenderness. Many of the areas are common for men and women.



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