Male Brazilian Wax Etiquette - Fact versus Fantasy

Handsome young man covers his genitalia for modesty before his Manzilian wax.

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I understand that most people who visit this page just want to know the rules of men's Brazilian wax etiquette, so I'll answer that question first.

Then, for curious readers, I'll delve into the reasons why therapist gender matters, and why the rules can vary from place to place.

And finally we'll explore what really goes on in the waxing room. Are the rumours fact or fantasy?

Sound cool? Righto, let's get into it.

Manzilian Wax Etiquette

Acceptable rules of behaviour during a Manzilian or Men's Brazilian wax can differ depending on therapist gender and the type of studio you attend.

Universal rules of etiquette for every men's waxing provider

Rules of etiquette when your therapist is female

Men will be left in the treatment room to prepare for their Manzilian wax. When the therapist is female, clients will usually be expected to wear disposable underwear for their Brazilian wax treatment.

Preparing for your Manzilian waxing treatment, aka a male Brazilian Wax
Manzilian Waxing Preparation

You will also be required to hold the skin of your penis and scrotum tight so therapists don't have to touch your junk.

Some unisex studios might not be that prudish, but be prepared because it's definitely the norm.

Finally, your therapist is only doing her job. She sees genitals all day. Your cock is not special and she is not remotely excited to see it.

She does not crave sex with you or want to be your girlfriend.

Rules of etiquette when your therapist is male

Etiquette is usually less formalised with man-on-man waxing. In fact, I don't even have an etiquette policy, simply because we're both men.

There's no gender disadvantage or confusion. A lifetime of being male has taught both therapist and client that they must treat each other respectfully to get along.

I discuss later how new male clients usually try to work out the sexual proclivities of their male therapist. It's reciprocal too. The therapist is trying to determine the same.

This process has nothing to do with sex. It's all about finding a starting point with a new client e.g. finding common ground and avoiding touchy topics. Therapists want to put new clients at ease, and as quickly as possible.

What sort of man receives a Manzilian wax, or male Brazilian wax?
What Type of Guy gets a Manzilian?

One of my usual introductory questions is, "Are you getting a Manzilian for yourself or for your partner?"

Straight guys typically jump on the subject and talk about their wife or girlfriend or how they've recently joined Tinder, just in case I was thinking of hitting on them.

Gay guys often run with it too, taking this early opportunity to out themselves to make sure that I'm gay-friendly, before complimenting my legs and butt-hugging shorts. 😇

Either way, this subtle approach lets me establish the tone of the waxing treatment, and also keep the client talking so they don't focus too much on any potential pain.

An important note about waxing room fantasies

For clients, please realise that any erotic thrills you experience during your wax are purely your own. Your foggy brain might fantasise that since your therapist 'caused' your erection, they have an obligation to relieve it.

Don't go there. Your waxing therapist sees dicks all day. Unless you've gone to an obvious sex worker, they really don't want to finish you off. You'll just come off as a sex creep.

One other tip; If you do find that you're enjoying your waxing session too much and are dangerously close to climax, warn your therapist before it happens.

About the Male Perineum
The Male Perineum

Let's be honest here. You're a guy, I'm a guy, we wank a lot, we both know how this works.

A good ten seconds before you shoot your load, you feel that warmth in your perineum, then your balls start to rise and tighten.

You feel it building, tensing, and then boom.

Your therapist has no idea you're about to cum, especially if it's a young female.

Right now, while some INNOCENT girl is holding your erection, is where you prove what kind of man you are.

Nice guy or pervert? Decent human being or sex predator?

The creep will let it happen, while the nice guy will tell her, "Please stop. I'm close".

Warn her early. She'll let go, and she'll look at you with new respect, abundantly grateful you didn't cum on her face or uniform.

You just became her favourite client. Feel good about yourself. Take a few breaths, and when you're ready to continue, let her know.

Men's Brazilian Waxing Etiquette ★ secrets from the inside

I've been performing Manzilians, or men's Brazilian waxing, since 2001. Back then, not a single beauty salon in Brisbane provided men's waxing, not even a back wax, which prompted me to launch the first male waxing studio in the state. By 2010, I had opened 12 branches in South and Central Queensland.

But even now after 20+ years, Male Brazilian Waxing remains a niche, and largely avoided by the mainstream beauty industry.

For that reason, there are a lot of myths and misinformation about men behaving badly, perhaps designed to keep males away from this traditionally female domain.

So, in this article, let's bring it all out into the open.

First we'll discover the types of places where a man can go for a wax, and then we'll discuss the different issues that face male and female therapists.

We've already covered the rules of proper etiquette during a Manzilian treatment, but now we'll look at why those rules don't always work.

We need to delve deep into what actually goes on in a male waxing room, because the fact is that men who get Brazilians are rarely predators.

The Art of Appearing Virtuous
The Art of Appearing Virtuous

Meanwhile, some waxing therapists aren't exactly paragons of virtue.

A lot goes on in the male hair removal industry that no one wants to talk about.

That deafening silence then leads to misinformation and urban myths, which in turn, adds risk for therapists and clients.

So let's address that silence, shall we?

Four places a man can get a Brazilian Wax

Unisex beauty salon

These businesses provide the whole gamut of beauty treatments. Male waxing isn't something they particularly want to offer because 99% of their clients are female, and that pays the bills.

Therapists will usually be female, although flamboyantly gay males can be a trendy, non-threatening salon accessory to amuse the female clientele.

Male Brazilian waxing is very unlikely at generic beauty salons. If it is offered, the rules of etiquette will be fear-based and super strict, and if possible, the token gay guy will have to do them.

Unisex waxing studio

Body Sync Toowong billboard 2006

Prior to 2010, this business, Man Thing traded as Body Sync. It was considerably more mainstream than today, and belonged to this category.

Unisex waxing studios are typically less pretentious than beauty salons.

Their range of services is deliberately small, centered on waxing. Some studios also perform related body treatments such as remedial massage, personal training, IPL, and spray tans.

The client gender mix is closer to 60% female vs 40% male which is much more welcoming for men. Most staff are comfortable with nudity and regularly wax each other.

Therapists are mostly female but the studio may still have at least one gay guy and one (theoretically) straight guy on staff to cater for a more diverse clientele.

An interesting statistic is that one of the male therapists will often be the business owner. While beauty salons are traditionally owned by women, waxing studios are usually owned by men.

As a result, waxing etiquette will be solid but less fear-based. The focus will be less about protecting the sensibilities of female staff, and more about their safety. Also, female therapists at professional waxing studios are generally street-smart.

At Body Sync, if a creep ever misbehaved, my girls had blanket permission to tip the pot of hot wax on him. This empowered them, and it only happened twice in ten years, both times when a perve tried to masturbate on them after the treatment.

naked man covers his genitals with a towel for etiquette while waiting to be waxed

Male-first waxing studio

Man Thing falls into this category. As the name suggests, male-first waxing studios cater to men first and foremost. The vast majority of male-first waxing studios are owned and operated by men.

This type of business might also label itself 'male-only' but that's not always completely accurate, as many waxing studios that primarily target men also have female waxing clients, who for various reasons, don't like beauty salons.

The environment and culture at a male-first waxing studio is usually informal, with a somewhat 'blokey' feel. This provides a comfortable atmosphere for new male waxing clients and helps put their minds at ease.

All body waxing services for men at Man Thing, North Rockhampton
Male Waxing Rockhampton

In regards to culture and Manzilian waxing etiquette, the focus is on client safety and mutual respect.

There is an automatic equality with man-on-man waxing, so policies can be based on logic instead of fear.

It is extremely rare to find a solo female therapist running a male-first waxing studio, at least not for very long. The creeps and predators quickly find them, someone pushes her too far, and she suddenly shuts up shop.

These are the perves who destroy the reputation of our entire gender, but alas they exist.

Erotic masseur

This one is self-explanatory. Usually female operators but sometimes guys as well, they offer male waxing services as a prelude to sex.

They might operate from a legitimate shopfront or from their garage or garden shed, but rumours, reputations, Hepatitis outbreaks, or police raids, inevitably shut them down in the end.

Male versus Female waxing therapists ★ Rules of Etiquette

Is there really a difference whether your Manzilian waxer is male or female? Absolutely. There are quite a few considerations, and this is why you'll come across different rules of etiquette depending on the type of waxing provider you go to, and whether they have male or female staff.

Female therapists

By default, females are skittish about doing men's waxing. I could have a big rant about sexism in the beauty industry, but there's a flipside to that argument in that a lot of women are just skittish about men in general.

After all, beauty salon operators and staff might view their workplace as a female safe place, a haven where they don't have to deal with men's BS.

There's also a fair chance that by the time most women enter the workforce, they've already had a few awful experiences at the hands of utter mongrels.

Those two factors are absolutely the main reasons why most beauty salons don't offer male services, let alone Manzilians.

Of course there are exceptions to the 'timid flower' stereotype. Some women are tough as nails. The reality though, is that most beauty therapists got into the industry to do facials and nails while skipping about looking pretty. Naked guys with boners don't fit into that vision.

Girls also have to deal with their partner's insecurities. Over the years, I had probably a dozen girls tearfully give up their careers because a new boyfriend didn't trust them doing treatments on men. That says more about the boyfriends than the girls, but it does suck.

So yeah, female therapists performing treatments on men can definitely be a mine field.

For all the above reasons, salons and studios that employ mostly female staff will have tough etiquette policies. And the cops on speed dial.

Male therapists

It's a totally different experience for male waxing therapists, but can still be dangerous, especially for noobs.

An interesting quirk of the beauty industry that doesn't happen in any other, is that a man's sexual persuasion can be a major factor for his success or failure.

This is largely because new Manzilian Wax clients - especially jumpy alpha types - tend to think of their treatments sexually. Some will even ask outright if you're gay ... because apparently, they're too sexy to resist.

Men's Sexual Insecurities Facts and Myth
Men's Sexual Insecurities

This type of pent up narcissist will judge a male therapist minutely; voice, clothes, the way he walks, everything, in an effort to gauge whether the therapist is likely to molest him.

In truth though, his fear is probably internalised. He's actually worried he'll get a boner while a male is holding his junk, and that's a lifetime of baggage he doesn't want to unfold.

Meanwhile, the therapist is simply doing his job, completely oblivious to said lunatic's delusions, and trying to make small talk to put the client at ease.

But are they bent or not?

Male Brazilian wax therapists rarely reveal their sexual leanings, a) for fear of the above, and b) because it's nobody's business. However, it's a fair assumption that most, myself included, are bisexual.

Hardcore straight guys are too uptight to consider male waxing as a career. Living a pure vanilla life with a missus and 2.3 kids, means constantly caring about how colleagues and neighbours judge you.

Equally, outside of the inner-city gay districts in large cities, openly gay male therapists are a rarity too. Overt flamboyance is too much overload for the vast majority of straight male clients in the suburbs, and naturally, you can't survive in business without clients.

Sex helps sell in the Manzilian waxing industry
Sex Sells Manzilian Waxing

Bisexual guys are definitely the norm, or at least they become aware of their own bisexuality after a while in the job. This is due to their constant and unique exposure to clients' lifestyles, secrets, and fantasies - and mutual acceptance and trust - which breeds open-mindedness.

As a result, male Brazilian wax therapists are generally easygoing, confident in their skills, can see the world in shades of grey, and care little about other people's opinions.

Male-first studios with male therapists will usually have the most laidback etiquette policies because nothing a client does or says will surprise him. That won't necessarily make a client's behaviour acceptable, but he'll be prepared.

As for safety, a male therapist doesn't need the cops on speed dial. If you do the wrong thing, alpha or not, he'll kick your arse.

Men's Brazilian waxing sexy poster

And on that fine note, I'll leave this article there. I have quite a bit I still want to add to this page but that's for another day.