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Men's Brazilian Waxing at Man Thing Rockhampton

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Preparing for your first Male Brazilian Wax

Your first male Brazilian wax treatment, or Manzilian, can seem daunting.

That's totally understandable. Nine times out of ten, a first-timer will come in for a Manzilian wax only after thinking about it for months or even years. If that sounds like you, don't panic. Countless thousands of men have faced exactly the same inner turmoil.

Assuming that you choose an experienced Male Brazilian Waxing therapist - note that I specified 'Male Brazilians' - your treatment should not be a huge feat of endurance.

Men's Brazilian Waxing a.k.a Manzilian waxing at Man Thing, Rockhampton

Does a Brazilian Wax hurt? Well, it doesn't tickle. After all, we are pulling hair out of your body. Does it have to hurt excessively? No, definitely not.

Most guys say that their first Brazilian Wax was nowhere near as bad as they expected. On the extreme opposite end of the scale, a small portion of men, who come in super stressed, get quite worked up.

There's a definite logical pattern to the different responses, so here are the secrets to preparing for that first Manzilian Wax.

Physical preparation for your first Male Brazilian Wax

All about hair trimmers or clippers
Hair Trimmers - Are They Worth It?

Don't trim your hair, and don't shave the genital area for at least three weeks before coming in for your Male Brazilian Wax appointment.

The hair must be long enough for the wax to grip, so that your therapist only has to go over each area once, or at most, twice.

If you shave or clipper the hair too short, your therapist will end up having to repeat the area several times, or pluck the leftovers, and that isn't fun.

Reasons why men should regularly moisturise
Real Men Moisturise

So come in au naturel. If you need trimming, your therapist will take care of that on the table.

On the morning of your treatment, moisturise your penis, scrotum, perineum, bum and crack, and between your upper legs.

Moisturised skin makes the treatment far more comfortable, as dry skin tries to absorb moisture from any source, including wax, which makes it stick.

Mental preparation for your first Manzilian Wax

Your state of mind makes all the difference in the world.

Some of the advice out there is so wrong it's scary. Let's deal with the bad advice first.

Body and Brazilian Waxing Contraindications, Risks, and Protocols
Contraindications for Waxing

Take pain killers or have alcohol before your treatment. WRONG WRONG WRONG.

If you need to take pain killers or get wasted, then you are not in the right frame of mind to receive a men's Brazilian waxing treatment.

Even if you do take something - especially if you take something - it will hurt. Why? Because you're delusional.

Without any point of reference, you've already convinced yourself that the pain will be excrutiating, AND NOW you're trying to lull yourself into the crazy belief that pain killers will completely eliminate the pain.

Waxing etiquette for Manzilian waxing, or the male Brazilian Wax
Manzilian Waxing Etiquette

Talk about self-fulfilling prophecies!

And when the drugs don't work, you'll freak out completely. I could pluck a single hair and you'll scream like a little bi*ch, legs flying everywhere and carrying on.

I wax my own junk. Imagine that. Yet you need meds. Seriously?

If you feel you need drugs or alcohol for a Manzilian, grow a pair coz seriously, your old nuts aren't working.

OK, now for the good advice. Pay attention.

Don't stress. Whatever it takes, calm yourself down.

Waxing tips for male body and Brazilian waxing
Men's Waxing Tips & Tricks

Take control before you arrive by just telling yourself, "OK, I'm getting this done. I am not a little bi*ch. I can stay calm".

Trust me, your state of mind makes all the difference in the world.

Don't surf the web for horror stories. If you go searching for people's tales of Brazilian Waxing tragedies, you'll find plenty.

After all, there are a lot of really bad therapists out there, and most of them don't want to do men's waxing treatments, so they don't really care if you come back again.

So, don't go to a beauty salon. Instead, find a male-first waxing studio.

They want you in their shop. They've waxed nuts before. You want experience and confidence. That's important.

Sex helps sell in the Manzilian waxing industry
Sex Sells Manzilian Waxing

Whenever I'm performing a male Brazilian wax on a first timer, and if I see them getting a touch frantic, I tell them to find a happy place and generally that's enough to help them settle down again.

And if that doesn't work, I'll talk non-stop about randomness or crank up some tunes. Whatever it takes, I'll distract you and get you through it.

And here's a really important statistic. In 25 years of doing men's Brazilian Waxing, in the twelve studios I've owned and operated, NOT ONE SINGLE CLIENT has ever bailed out during treatment.

Don't tell your partner!

Don't tell your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend that you're getting a Mazilian Wax - especially if they get waxed themselves. You'll get zero support.

How soon can I have sex after a Manzilian, or male Brazilian wax?
Sex After a Manzilian?

The best you can hope for is an evil laugh and, "Now you'll know what I have to endure."

Some will even want to come into the treatment room so they can maximise their joy at your discomfort.

I've actually had to kick some partners out of the shop over the years. Some are toxic as hell.

If you do it as a surprise however, you'll generally find them completely on your side.

You can even flip it round. "It didn't hurt at all - I don't know why you complain". 😎

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