Pubic Hair Growth Patterns

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What is Pubic Hair?

Human Hair Growth Patterns
Hair Growth Patterns of the Human Body

As the name suggests, pubic hair begins to grow as we approach puberty. It continues to grow for the rest of our lives.

On females, pubic hair is usually limited to the genital area, while on males, pubic hair is also common on the chest, neck, face, upper back and shoulders.

In this article, we will focus specifically on genital pubic hair.

Male Pubic Hair Growth Pattern

About the Male Perineum
The Male Perineum

Near the top of the inner leg, male pubic hair travels up the thigh towards the anus and perineum, across the inguinal crease then transversely in towards the perineal raphe.

From the perineum, it then veers towards the penis travelling upward over the scrotum.

Cowlicks or hair swirls, are commonplace on the anterior scrotum.

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Male Brazilian Waxing Rockhampton

Cowlicks are due to upward travelling hairs from the male perineum meet inward growing hairs from the inguinal crease and downward growing hair from the sides and underside of the penis.

When performing a male Brazilian wax, it is vital that the hair direction for each part of the cowlick is respected.

Otherwise, these loose spirals of multi-directional hair growth can cause painful bruising, skin tears and blood blisters.

Female Pubic Hair Growth Pattern

Pubic hair on the female perineal area travels from the inside upper leg up the thigh, across the inguinal crease then transversely in towards the labia. This hair may also continue inside the vaginal opening, particularly in women who have had children.

Hair growth in the area is urethra-centric, meaning that all hair grows towards the urethra (pee hole), whether upward from the thighs, inward from the inguinal crease, or downward from the mons pubis.

This natural phenomenon can present as crescent formations of hair with a medial cowlick on each labia majora as the patterns suddenly change direction to comply.

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Ladies Waxing Rockhampton

These hair growth patterns must be treated as separate when performing a female Brazilian wax to avoid bruising and pain, particularly on and around the labia, clitoral hood, and inguinal crease.

Some women also have pubic hair exists on the medial or inner side of the labia majora. This hair usually grows downward and slightly inward, again towards the urethra.

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