Rockhampton MTB 2023 XC Race 2

Traversing a dry creek crossing at the Rocky MTB 2023 XC Race 2 on Sat 22 July 2023

Rockhampton Mountain Bike Club held the Rocky MTB 2023 XC Race 2 on Saturday 22nd July. It was an awesome event as always.

After a year or so break from racing XC - lack of motivation, bad diet, not race fit - you know the excuses, I decided to throw my hat in the ring again. As always, I took video.

I thought you might find the following clip interesting, especially if you've never ridden an XC or cross-country mountain bike race before. This is a three lap race through the dry rainforest section of First Turkey MTB Park and dang, it was a brilliant loop. Starting with a steep run up Cannonball, we then hit the tight winding track, Lower Pig, then out along Zamia, up the new Pegasus trail, then finally a wild run down the blue flow trail, Cactus.

I'm only showing you the first lap, so about 20 minutes in all. The race was fast paced, high adrenaline, and thanks to my chest mount GoPro, you'll get my view of the ride. I've entered the e-bike category - a first for me. I'm riding my new 2023 Polygon Siskiu T7E. It's a trail bike, not an XC bike, so it doesn't handle as tightly as I'd like in the switchbacks, but that's OK, she still performed like a champion.

You won't see the end of the race, but spoiler alert, I did come in third, after two XC e-bikes and ahead of one other, so I'm really happy with that. Definite kudos go to Rockhampton Mountain Bike Club for the Rocky MTB 2023 XC Race 2 and all the volunteers involved in running a great event.

I'll be back with another race vid next week from the Mackay 6 Hour XC, so don't miss that one.

OK, enjoy the ride.