Manzilian Waxing & the quest for sexual confidence

Waxed man exuding sexual confidence lowers his boxer shorts to show trimmed pubis area above waxed genitals.

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Appearance and attitude ~ Sex sells Manzilian Waxing

Men's Brazilians or Manzilians as they're increasingly known, are the poster child of men's waxing. The suggestion is that a Manzilian will improve sex, or lead to sex, or just make a man feel confident and sexual.

What are the reasons for a man to get waxed?

Separately, the pursuit of sex and confidence are strong drivers for men's behaviour. Together though, they're a dynamite combination and the main reason men get waxed.

Successful owners of men's waxing studios know this and happily target those behaviours through their staff's appearance and attitude, and the overall vibe in their treatment rooms.

Sex sells. Always has, always will. And really, so what?

Human behaviour, character, and mind

What harm does it do if a female therapist wears skimpy gym briefs instead of a skirt, or a top that reveals a nice flash of side boob?

Or if her male co-worker opts for shorts that hug his junk like a glove, or wears no shirt while he works.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting they should act like sex workers - The opposite in fact. They should simply exude sex, not provide it.

If staff are happily on board, AND their employer has set rules of etiquette and protection in place, AND provided no laws are being broken, then no harm no foul.

It's marketing, nothing more.

Psychology and Sexual Confidence ~ Sex sells Manzilian Waxing

As a result, male-first waxing studios can be wildly unique, differing greatly from one place to the next. However one essential factor is common to all successful establishments. Sexual confidence. We'll keep returning to that single factor.

Manzilian wax says I love you

It doesn't matter whether a Manzilian client is straight or gay. He wants the therapist to whom he's entrusting his nuts to be confident in their craft.

He expects them to be positively charged and kinetic, and hopes - perhaps not consciously - that their sexual energy will rub off. He wants to leave feeling empowered, and as confident as they are.

Men's hair removal is about much more than just the treatment. There's a lot of psychology at play.

The challenge for waxing studios is to live up to client expectations in regard to all the above, and to not treat all men the same.

Importantly, and regardless of the demographic a Manzilian studio might be aiming for, marketing hype isn't enough. A waxing therapist can't hope to make guys feel at ease with their bodies, if they're not comfortable with their own.

Be comfortable in your own skin ~ Sex sells Manzilian Waxing

Around 1 in 20 women get a Brazilian wax, but for men, the figure is around one-tenth of that. 1 in 100 guys is a common estimate. Hence, Manzilian waxing is not particularly mainstream.

Men's Brazilian Waxing a.k.a Manzilian waxing at Man Thing, Rockhampton

Fortunately, neither am I.

I've been waxing men's junk for decades. I have plenty of clients now and I can afford to be true to myself.

Thus, I don't bother conforming in order to appease the 99% of people who will never use my services. My peeps are the 1%.

My in-your-face attitude is what attracts first-timers to my studio when they research and prepare for their first Manzilians.

It starts here on the website. Said noob learns that I'm an open book. I write articles like this to inform him, to confront him, to make him laugh and think.

Preparing for your Manzilian waxing treatment, aka a male Brazilian Wax

Ten minutes in, he knows I'm easygoing and intelligent, that I race mountain bikes, and I like dogs more than humans.

There's a fair chance he's also seen a few of my dick pics scattered around the site. It's blatant sexual marketing but I'm a nudist by nature and I do have a magnificent penis.

Perhaps the noob is shocked by what he sees, or perhaps he lingers. Regardless of his response, he realises that I'm comfortable in my skin, that I'm everything I advocate and advertise.

Crucially, I possess the confidence and sexual energy he wishes were his own. I am the guru he needs.

Keep it sexy yet non-sexual ~ Sex sells Manzilian Waxing

It's a fascinating balance for a Manzilian waxing therapist to provide non-sexual yet intimate services.

Very early in their careers, therapists learn to establish a code of acceptable behaviour and stick to it. It has to be a code that works for them.

Every therapist has different limits. I try not to judge other Manzilian therapists for what they allow or disallow in their waxing rooms.

Waxing etiquette for Manzilian waxing, or the male Brazilian Wax

It's bloody tough and ethics can get very confusing. But I digress. These are all topics for another day.

This is how I roll with noobs.

The theme at Man Thing is 'summer never ends', and here in the Australian tropics, that's true.

It's either hot as hell outside, or slightly hotter.

Andrew Thompson, manzilian waxing therapist

I milk the beachy theme and dress minimally, a gym singlet over short shorts is the norm. The look I'm aiming for is 'middle-aged cabana boy'.


Not surprisingly given my profession, I'm smooth all over. My shoulders and traps are defined. My thighs and calves are ripped from cycling, and bare all the way down to my Converse knock-offs.

Exceed expectations by failing them

When the noob arrives for his Manzilian wax, he's nervous as most first-timers are.

The Art of Appearing Virtuous

He comes armed with misconceptions about the treatment, snippets of wisdom he's procured from other sites, or from dodgy influencers trying to sell boner pills to sexually insecure men.

I like to rip his mind away from all that.

As he enters my shop, the music is pumping but muted, a hint of what's to come.

Before he can speak, his gaze is distracted by a visual explosion of colour. Manga art, hanging vines, bicycles, and bikini-clad mannequins all vie for his attention, punctuating the backdrop of creamy yellow walls.

a colourful entrance awaits at Man Thing Studio's reception area

It's a man cave, not a salon. Whatever he expected, this isn't it. And seated at the desk, in the midst of all this madness, is me, his unlikely guru.

I lead him to the waxing room. I rest a bum cheek on the waxing bed while he fills out the form.

I then give him a casual run-through of what's about to unfold. My tone is calm and friendly but professional.

a colourful entrance awaits at Man Thing Studio's reception area

As we chat, he glances at my thighs and groin. It happens without fail.

What new clients don't realise is that I'm not just being quirky with my appearance. I use it as a filter.

I'm about to spend intimate time with a stranger and it helps me uncover his motives and personality - DTE, creep, or nice.

Armed with this info, I then know how to steer the treatment, and also what verbal and physical triggers to avoid.

The down-to-earth guy

If he quickly looks elsewhere or remeets my eyes, he's DTE (down to earth). He is 90% of my clients. He's on a mission. He's ready. I turn down the sexy meter from 10 to 3. These guys are uncomplicated and for the most part, happy. His main motivation for getting waxed is probably comfort or to surprise the wife for their anniversary. We get straight into it and have a good laugh while solving the woes of the world.

The creepy client

If he leers at my crotch with a pervy smile or tries to grope me, he's a creep. Too cheap to pay for a rent boy, he figures I handle dicks all day so I must be up for it. The sexy meter plunges to zero. I get the job done while dodging his roving hands, then overcharge him for being a c#nt. He rarely comes back a second time.

The nice client

Finally, there's the nice guy. He's 10% of my clients. He lingers in his gaze, a bit overwhelmed and bewildered. Polar opposite to the creep, his gaze is soft, not pervy. Quite often shy, and always polite, he's bi-curious or virgin, damaged or divorced, alone or lost. He's on a journey, searching for an epiphany.

He might not realise it consciously, but he's here less for the wax than for the companionship of an open-minded male. He knows I'm going to touch him in an intimate way. It's something he wants to experience in a safe sexless environment, without the pressure and expectations of a hookup.

It's beautifully innocent, and for me as his therapist, very humbling. I'm part of his journey. I feel a human duty to protect him. I take my time. Nice guys are an utter pleasure.

Men's Sexual Insecurities Facts and Myth

Regardless of the client type though, it usually starts the same way.

"Let's wax your balls," I'll say with a grin.

The ice broken, he'll strip off and climb on the table. I crank up the volume and we're off.

During those first minutes, I use humour and maturity to help him find a happy place. I tell him that while I'm waxing, I tend to ramble freely about whatever comes to mind. I can't focus on the job and filter my thoughts at the same time.

This leads to some fun conversations, and clients tend to get into the spirit as well. This is when the real bonding happens. Unburdening, over-sharing, and taboo topics are all perfectly fine in our private little sanctum.

Pubic hair growth patterns of the perineum and greater pubic area comparison male vs female

On their first visit, clients often reveal their sexual proclivities. Straight, gay, Daddy issues, bi-curious, gimp, sex toy, whatever.

His revelations won't faze me. Nor will they turn me on. I'm waxing his pubic hair, nothing more.

By the end of our session, I've earned his trust and we've formed a new bond. No longer a noob, he leaves smoother and feeling different about himself. He's stronger and less isolated. He has an ally now.

More often than not, I'll see him again.

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