What type of man gets a Manzilian wax?

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Who wants a hairless penis?

So, what type of man gets a male Brazilian wax? A Manzilian?

Preparing for your Manzilian waxing treatment, aka a male Brazilian Wax
Manzilian Waxing Preparation

Who would put themselves through all that discomfort of having the pubic hair pulled out of the penis, perineum and scrotum?

Well, chances are it's not the kind of guy you might think.

I've read a lot of 'expert' blogs by people who claim to know all the inside info about men's Brazilians.

A common claim is that it's mainly athletes and gym junkies with rippling muscles who keep their downstairs hair maintained.

Men's Brazilian Waxing a.k.a Manzilian waxing at Man Thing, Rockhampton

To put it bluntly, what a load of bollocks. Smooth bollocks of course. 😎

I've been waxing men's scrotums, penises, and butts for decades, and I can assure you that it's actually the opposite.

By a huge margin, the majority of men who come in for Manzilians are from everyday normal walks of life.

They are bricklayers and policemen, carpenters and doctors, real estate agents, school teachers, nurses, baristas, sportsmen, and everything in between.

Life Stages of the Modern Male
Life Stages - Boys to Men

They are men of all ages, all shapes and colours and ethnic backgrounds.

They are common everyday guys you walk past on the street or share a coffee with at work.

There's a very good chance one of your mates gets his balls waxed and you don't even know it.

Manzilian waxing just isn't a subject men talk about freely because we're such a private bunch of critters.

Why do men get a Manzilian wax?

Most men who get Brazilians have one priority in mind: They want to look and feel clean.

Sex helps sell in the Manzilian waxing industry
Sex Sells Manzilian Waxing

Sure, they have secondary values too, such as being more attractive to a potential partner, and greater skin-on-skin contact for more intense and enjoyable sex.

But the number one reason is that men like the way it looks when they stand in front of the mirror, and the way it feels as they go about their day.

So, go get yourself a male Brazilian wax. A Manzilian, as the cool kids say. You won't regret it.