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Intimate Beauty, Waxing, & Massage Services at Man Thing Rockhampton

My name is Andrew Thompson. I've been working on naked guys and girls for over 30 years.

Many of the treatments I provide at Man Thing, when regarded by an outsider, might be considered intimate. Just that word alone is an emotive one. Different people react in different ways when they ponder intimacy, with definitions ranging from tender interaction to eroticism.

On the other hand, because I've performed intimate treatments for so very, very long, I'm immune to nudity at my workplace. The sight of bums, dicks, pussies, and boobs are commonplace to me.

That's where you and I differ. I understand that your range of experiences in regard to nudity and intimacy, are vastly different to mine. For that reason, I wanted to create this page.

My goal here is to provide a brief overview of each of those intimate treatments, along with links to their individual pages should you like to explore each treatment further.

Before we do though, I'll clarify what we can expect of each other in regard to culture, etiquette, and protocol, and hopefully clear up any possible misconceptions.

Nudity, Intimacy, and Arousal

While the treatments I perform are intimate, they are not sexual. Yes, you will be nude, at least partially, and I will be touching you in intimate areas but that's the extent of it. We will not be whisked away together on some orgasmic adventure.

And while I might dress like an athletic rent boy, I'm not one. I like dressing down. It's a sexy industry and I project sexual confidence, but it's not my goal or role to provide you with sexual gratification.

Many clients, both men and women, do get aroused, and that's fine.

Arousal is a natural response given that someone has taken charge of your body, and is anointing your pleasure zones with oils and wax and lotions.

But any pleasure you experience from my touch is unlikely to end in climax. Equally, if you visit in the hope that I'll give you a hand job or let you suck me off, you'll leave disappointed.

I'm not trying to pleasure you, and you certainly won't pleasure me, let alone to the extent where I'll abandon my professional duty of care.

The thing to keep in mind is that this is my workplace. I'm not turned on here. It's the opposite of sexy for me.

I really do want you to enjoy your treatment, but I prefer to be upfront that my treatments are intended as non-sexual before we kick off.

That way, you leave happy with the results of your treatment, not sad and rejected from false expectations.

Intimate Beauty & Massage Treatments

Here is a quick outline of intimate treatments along with an explanation of why they are considered so. Click on the link for any that interest you to go through to that treatment's page.

Ladies' Brazilian Wax ~ Intimate Treatments Rockhampton

By far, Brazilian Waxing is the most popular treatment I perform on women. Brazilian waxing treatments are available to any girl, 18 or older.

Men's Brazilian or 'Manzilian' Wax ~ Intimate Treatments Rockhampton

Men's Brazilians - or Manzilians - are available to males, 16 or older. This is the only intimate treatment I provide to anyone under 18, simply because we're both male and the age of sexual consent in Queensland is 16.

Here are some things you can expect during your Manzilian treatment:

Pubic Hair Growth Retardant ~ Intimate Treatments Rockhampton

The Pubic Hair Growth Retardant treatment is an add-on treatment following your wax.

The treatment involves the application of a specialised serum that serves to slow the rate of regrowth in the particularly dense pubic area.

The serum is massaged into the skin of your genitalia immediately after your ladies' Brazilian or men's Manzilian wax, for approximately 2 to 3 minutes.

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