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Serum Infusions with Hyperbaric Oxygen Facials at Man Thing Rockhampton

Hi and welcome. My name is Andrew Thompson. I've been working on human bodies for 30 years. I will be the therapist performing your Intraceuticals Serum Infusion.

beauty treatments for older womenThis treatment is ultra relaxing yet very effective. It is performed immediately following Diamond Microdermabrasion to ensure that your skin and pores are clean and prepped to receive the serum.

The serum is applied to the skin with a small air gun which infuses medical grade oxygen, along with the serum, through the epidermis and into the deeper dermal layer. Think injectables but without the needles.

Apart from being pain-free, another big advantage over injectables is that oxygen is forced into the skin as well, and oxygen is essential for new collagen production.

CO2 Intraceuticals is an Australian company with an international reputation. 

I have been using their Serum Infusion products for well over a decade in my Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Rockhampton studios.

Below, you will find Prices plus a handy Question & Answers section.

If you have any further questions or to make an appointment, please call me on 4926 7778 or 0422 276 202. You can also use the handy online form on the Bookings page.

Have a brilliant day.

Andrew Thompson.

Andrew Thompson, Man Thing Rockhampton

Prices - Hyperbaric Oxygen Serum Infusions by Intraceuticals

Diamond Microdermabrasion is necessary prior to receiving a Hyperbaric Oxygen Infusion to ensure that your skin is clean and receptive to treatment. Micro is included in the price.

The IPL Acne combo prices included below are for clients who want to address an acne outbreak at the same time. The price assumes that it is the same full area. If only a small area is affected, we'll invent a custom price when you come in. 

Full Face with Diamond Micro special price full face Intraceuticals oxygen facial with microdermabrasion$295

Full Face with Diamond Micro and IPL Acne limited time offer including IPL Acne treatment Rockhampton$380

Face & Neck with Diamond Micro special price Intraceuticals oxygen face and neck Rockhampton$379

Face & Neck with Diamond Micro and IPL Acne limited time including acne treatment$528

Face, Neck & Décolletage with Diamond Micro Rockhampton special price Intraceuticals oxygen full face, neck, and decolletage$499

FAQ - Hyperbaric Oxygen Serum Infusions by Intraceuticals

CO2 Intraceuticals Serum Infusions Rockhampton

What can I expect from an Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial?

Immediately after, your skin will look noticeably firmer, your pores will be smoother, your skin tone more even, and your face shape will look softer and more full. And the results won't end there. The nutrients go very deep and you will see their effects for weeks to come.

No facial treatment on the market delivers better results than Man Thing's range of Intraceuticals Serum Infusions.

I've had normal oxygen infusions before. How do Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials differ?

With the Intraceuticals system, hyperbaric pressure forces oxygen into the skin at around 1.5 atmospheres which allows deep penetration of the dermal layers. The serum travels with it, transporting hyaluronic acid, nutrients, oxygen, and anti-inflammatories to do their magic.

Is there any medical foundation to the efficacy of facials using hyperbaric oxygen?

The machine we use produces medical grade oxygen by filtering the air in the room into tanks within the unit. It was originally invented in the early 2000s as a less intrusive way to treat the wounds of burns victims. It then found its way into the beauty industry, and more recently is used in hospitals to deliver chemotherapy to breast cancer patients.

Man examining fine lines and dry skin

What's contained in Intraceuticals serums?

Four serums are available but two key ingredients in all CO2 Intraceuticals serums are hyaluronic acid which is the same compound used in injectable fillers to make the face appear more plump, and green tea extract, a powerful anti-oxidant to help eliminate free radicals that cause dull and uneven appearance in your skin.

What sort of preparation do I need for an oxygen facial treatment?

If possible, come in without makeup, moisturiser, or sunscreen as this will have to be removed before the treatment.

Can I receive an Intraceuticals facial treatment without doing Microdermabrasion?

No. You need the skin thoroughly clean and the pores clear for the serums to be properly absorbed.

Can I combine Hyperbaric Serum Infusions with other treatments?

You can only combine Hyperbaric Serum Infusions with IPL Acne Removal at the same session in the same treatment area. This is due to the highly moisturised state of your skin.

Other treatments such as IPL Photo Rejuvenation and RF Skin Tightening create moderate heat during treatment and are performed on dry skin in order to minimise the risk of skin trauma, so you are best to leave those treatments for a few days after your Serum Infusion.

Of course, I am only talking about skin treatments in the same area. If it's somewhere else, sure, no problem.

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