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Ladies' Body Waxing at Man Thing Rockhampton

Hi and welcome. My name is Andrew Thompson. I've been working with naked bodies for 30 years and I will be your waxing therapist.

So yeah, how weird, a male therapist at a place called Man Thing who does female waxing.

Not really though, I've been doing it for decades, and I'm bloody good at it.

Rockhampton Brazilian Waxing Yeppoon testimonial

Formerly Reef Studios, I changed the name in early 2024, simply because most of my clients are male and I wanted to express my appreciation of the fact.

I also wanted to acknowledge that there's no other specialty waxing studio like this one in all of Northern Australia, designed around the needs of men, but where women are also welcome.

This is it, Man Thing, in sunny downtown Rockhampton.

My female waxing clients are special

My regular ladies' waxing clients are brilliant. They aren't uptight, delicate, or easily offended. They're the sort of women who prefer a down-to-earth non-judgemental studio.

Man Thing isn't a fluffy beauty salon. It doesn't have that pretentious atmosphere. I don't want that, and nor do my clients. Instead, I provide a quality service at a reasonable price.

Waxing is my signature specialty, and my Brazilians are legendary. 😎

Also, I understand that people come in all shapes and ages and sizes, and that women in particular, can feel intimidated if they don't have the 'perfect' body type.

Review from Wandal client about beauty treatments

Female waxing clients are also self conscious if they have body hair in places that makes them feel 'un-feminine'.

You don't have to worry about that here. With 100,000 treatments under my belt, there is nothing I haven't seen. I'm not going to judge you in the least.

So yes, my waxing studio is different. It's fun and friendly, the music is pumping, the humour is un-PC, and I dress like a middle-aged cabana boy. 😏🩲😇

So that's the big sell. I hope you liked it. If you want a more human experience with a focus on quality and fun conversation, give me a try. 😊

Call me on 4926 7778 or 0422 276 202 if you have any questions or to make a booking. You can also book online.

Have a brilliant day,
Andrew Thompson.

Andrew Thompson, Man Thing Rockhampton

Body Part Definitions ★ Ladies' Waxing Rockhampton

Body Part definitions for Female Body Waxing in Rockhampton

Prices ★ Female Waxing Rockhampton

Ladies Waxing Rockhampton ~ Face



Ladies Waxing Rockhampton ~ Upper Body

Under Arms$29

Forearms special price lower arm wax Rockhampton$45



Lumbar (lower back)$24

Full Back$39

Ladies Waxing Rockhampton ~ Lower Body

Lower Legs Rockhampton special price half leg wax$59

3/4 Legs special price three-quarter leg wax Rockhampton$69


Full Legs & Bikini special price full legs and bikini wax$89

G-string Bikini$45

Brazilian (any style) special price Brazilian wax$85

Brazilian & Snail special price Brazilian and snail trail$100

Lower Legs & Brazilian Rockhampton special price Brazilian and half leg$144

Lower Legs, Brazilian & Underarms special price$173

Full Legs & Brazilian special price full legs and Brazilian Rockhampton$174

Bikini & Brazilian Waxing Styles & Prices

Female Brazilian and bikini waxing comes in many shapes and forms. There are no rules for you to follow. So how do you know which is the ideal style for you?

The best way to decide is to consider first and foremost the practicality of a bikini style that suits your exercise, hobbies and lifestyle, and finally the look you would like to achieve. Try these common options, along with the reasons that someone might choose them.

Ladies' Basic Bikini Wax ★ Man Thing Rockhampton

Ladies' Basic Bikini Wax at Man Thing Rockhampton

The Basic Bikini removes hair from the sides top of undies line.

Basic Bikini: $32

  • With snail: add $10
  • With inner thighs: add $20

Ladies' G-string Bikini Wax ★ Man Thing Rockhampton

Ladies' G-String Bikini Wax at Man Thing Rockhampton

The Ladies' G-string Bikini is similar to the Basic Bikini but tapers in closer at the front, and includes the bum crease.

G-string Bikini: $45

  • With snail: add $10
  • With inner thighs: add $20

Ladies' Wedge Brazilian Wax ★ Man Thing Rockhampton

The next few styles have '3X' in their name. This just means that a little bit of hair is left, as opposed to the 4X full Brazilian. The first of these waxing styles is the Wedge.

Ladies' 3X Brazilian

Wedge Brazilian: $65

  • With snail $75
  • With inner thighs $85
  • With snail and inner thighs $95

Ladies' Landing Strip Brazilian ★ Man Thing Rockhampton

Ladies' 3X Landing Strip Brazilian Wax

The Landing Strip Brazilian wax is similar to the Wedge, but:

Landing Strip: $65

  • With snail $75
  • With inner thighs $85
  • With snail and inner thighs $95

Ladies' Teardrop Brazilian ★ Man Thing Rockhampton

Ladies' Teardrop Brazilian Wax at Man Thing Rockhampton

The Teardrop is a cute and fun alternative to the usual landing strip style of Brazilian wax.

Teardrop Brazilian: $65

  • With snail $75
  • With inner thighs $85
  • With snail and inner thighs $95

Ladies' Full Brazilian Wax ★ Man Thing Rockhampton

Ladies' 4X Brazilian Wax at Man Thing

XXXX Full Brazilian: $65

  • With snail $75
  • With inner thighs $85
  • With snail and inner thighs $95

Frequently Asked Questions ★ Female Waxing Rockhampton

I'm steadily converting many questions into separate articles. You'll now find a quick answer for people who want brevity, plus a link to the full article for those who still like to read. 😊

What advice do you have for before and after-care?

I've set up a separate page dedicated to ladies' waxing tips and tricks to help ensure the best outcome from your waxing treatment.

Regardless of whether you come to me or go somewhere else, I hope you find it useful.

Full article:

Waxing tips for female body waxing

📖   💲   🐱   📆

How much does female waxing hurt?

As a general guide, the feeling is like being slapped with a plastic ruler and fades quickly. Follow up treatments are gentler than the first, as the hair hasn't had time to fully develop.

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If I get a ladies' Brazilian wax, will it increase sensitivity during sex?

Yes, dramatically. The difference is amazing. It's even better if your partner gets a Manzilian as well. Show him this article: 😁

Men's Brazilian Waxing a.k.a Manzilian waxing at Man Thing, Rockhampton

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I have a penis but identify as female. Will you charge me female pricing?

If I am waxing male anatomy, you will be charged male pricing.

If you are post-operative transgender and have physically transitioned to female anatomy, I will honour female pricing for Brazilians.

Note that I can only wax external pubic hair, not hair that may extend inside you.

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I'm pregnant. Will it harm the baby if I get a Brazilian wax?

It all depends on your stage of pregnancy. Here is a comprehensive article that explains everything about receiving a Brazilian wax during pregnancy.

Full article:

Should I get a Brazilian Wax while I'm Pregnant?

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How old do I have to be to get a Bikini Wax?

If you just want a standard bikini wax AND if your mother has signed the consent form AND she is present in the room during treatment * not a friend or sister - only your mother * then 13 is OK.

If you want a G-string or Brazilian Wax, I will not treat a female client under the age of 18.

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Do hair growth retardants work on pubic hair?

In principle, yes. The problem regarding efficacy is with their application, particularly when it comes to coarse pubic hair.

The problem is that hair growth retardants need to reach the hair follicle to have any impact, and the only window of time to achieve this, is immediately after waxing.

For maximum effectiveness, pubic hair growth retardant must be applied by your waxing therapist as part of your waxing treatment.

I provide this service here at Man Thing.

Pubic hair regrowth inhibitor at Man Thing Rockhampton

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Will my Therapist be male or female?

Rockhampton waxing for busy women at Man Thing

I shouldn't have to qualify this question but I will.

Your therapist will be me, Andrew Thompson, a male with over 20 years experience in the Australian beauty industry, and 30+ years working with naked human bodies, as an artist, swimwear designer, sports practitioner, remedial massage therapist, and acupuncturist.

If my being male troubles you, regardless of my experience and unblemished reputation over three decades, please go somewhere else.

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How much Brazilian waxing experience do you have?

I have been performing female waxing since I opened my first Brisbane waxing studio at Tarragindi in 2001.

As at January 2024, I have performed a little over 10,500 women's Brazilian wax treatments.

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Can you perform massage after a waxing treatment?

Yes, I can perform a remedial massage treatment after your wax, however I will use after-wax lotion instead of oil to minimise any risk of infection.

Treatment page:

Remedial Massage Therapist Rockhampton

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I had a caesarean section. Around the scar is hairy but it hurts to touch.

Yes I get this question a lot. I will avoid the caesarean scar for a few months after bub's birth in any case.

Usually at around six months, the scar has well and truly healed and stops being painful to put hand pressure on. Most ladies are comfortable with me waxing around the scar or even directly over it at this point.

I would also suggest at some future point, you might like to consider a few sessions of IPL Photo Rejuvenation or RF Skin Tightening to help heal the deep dermal layers of your skin.

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It seems you mainly cater to male clients. Why would a woman get waxed by you?

Review for Rockhampton beauty treatments for older ladies

Yes, I absolutely target men because no other studio wants to treat them. Man Thing should not be the ONLY male-first waxing studio in Northern Australia, but it is, and I won't apologise for that. With all of that said, women make up around 20% of my regular clients.

Women come to me initially, a) because of this website - they like the way I communicate, b) because it isn't a beauty salon with all the associated attitude, and c) because I'm friendly and non-judgemental.

I don't care how fat you are, how old you are, how hairy you are. I don't care if you're a straight girl or a lesbian granny. I don't care if you're a super model or prison officer or a truck driving dominatrix with three gimps in your basement. I'll even treat lawyers and politicians. 😁

Come to me, we'll listen to some music and solve the world's problems while I get rid of that troublesome body hair.

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I'm prone to ingrowns whether I wax or shave. What should I do?

There are quite a few options depending on the actual cause. Have a look at this article which will help you determine the how the ingrown hairs started and how you should treat it.

Full article:

Ingrowns, Shaving Rash, and Razor Bumps causes and remedies

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I'm self conscious about how I look and I'm worried you'll judge me.

review by Brazilian waxing for ladies, Blackwater client

I've worked with naked human bodies of all shapes and sizes my entire adult life. You've got nothing I haven't seen before, so don't stress. I'm here to remove your body hair, not give you a score card.

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What could prevent me having a treatment?

This is a big topic. Medications, diseases, and skin disorders, are among the many contraindications for waxing that might make you unsuitable for treatment.

Full article:

Body and Brazilian Waxing Contraindications, Risks, and Protocols

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I'm really hairy all over. I feel like a freak and it's affecting my life.

Rockhampton waxing for girls at Man Thing

If this applies to you, let me say emphatically, you are not a freak. It is very common for girls of any age to have some type of male hair growth patterns (hirsutism), and it's just one of those things that girls don't talk about with each other. It makes them feel un-feminine, and let's face it, can you really trust your friend not to let it slip? So yes, it's understandable that you're upset and feel isolated. But I say again, you are definitely not unusual.

I can think of twenty regular female clients off the top of my head, who come to me each month to have their breast and back hair removed. My own niece has a hairy back. She did the day she was born, and still has twenty years later. As for facial hair, the truth is that 95% of ladies get it at some point in the lives, some as teenage girls, some as grand-mums, and most after having a baby.

Whatever age you are, or wherever your hair grows, relax - They might not write articles about women's body hair in the glitzy magazines, but you are definitely not unusual.

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Can you do a waxing outcall to my home?

Unfortunately no, it would make the treatment too expensive. Wax pots take around 40 minutes to heat up, and we would have to charge for that time. If we preheat the pots, then we risk spillage during transportation, which again is a costly (and messy) affair.

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Can I book a spray tan for after my wax treatment?

Unfortunately no. The after wax lotion will create a barrier between your skin and the tanning solution. Ideally you should leave the after wax lotion on, then go for a spray tan in a day or two.

Rockhampton ladies Brazilian wax at Man Thing, your local waxing specialists

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Is Waxing Permanent?

No. Over years, waxing may have a general thinning effect but if you stop waxing, it will return to its previous state. If you want a more permanent solution, PTF Hair Removal, an advanced form of IPL, is very effective.

Treatment page:

Rockhampton IPL Hair Removal

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