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Men's Brazilian Waxing at Man Thing Rockhampton

Your first Male Brazilian wax treatment, or 'Manzilian', can seem daunting. That's totally understandable.

Men's Brazilian wax CQ Uni Rockhampton

First-time male waxing clients often say they only came in for a Manzilian after thinking about it for months.

If that sounds like you, don't panic. You're certainly not alone.

Note: This page is specifically about men's pubic hair waxing. If you are looking for other body areas, e.g. backs, legs etc, visit the Men's Body Waxing page.

Man Thing Rockhampton specialises in Male Brazilian waxing

My name is Andrew Thompson and I've been working on naked bodies for 30 years.

I am well known in the hair removal industry throughout Australia. In fact, my old Brisbane shop was the very first male waxing studio in Queensland. Manzilian as a birthday gift

That's not a boast, but some serious comfort for guys who are considering their first Manzilian wax and don't know who to trust.

There are several big differences at Man Thing compared to other studios:

So that's the big sell. I hope you liked it 😊

Below, you'll find a ton of info on Men's Brazilian Waxing as well as prices and popular styles.

I want to show you that removing men's pubic hair is one of my specialties, and I want you to walk through the door feeling comfortable, informed, and relaxed.

Call me on 4926 7778 or 0422 276 202 if you have any questions or to make a booking. You can also book online.

Have a brilliant day,
Andrew Thompson.

Andrew Thompson, Man Thing Rockhampton

Styles & Prices ★ Manzilian Waxing Rockhampton

You have several options when it comes to Brazilian wax styles for men. There are no rules as to what pubic hair you want to keep or have removed. Here are some popular styles of male bikini and Brazilians (a.k.a. Bro-zilians, Manzilians, etc) that I perform.

Importantly, don't feel pressured to know what style you want in advance. We'll discuss all that before the treatment.

Men's Speedo Bikini Wax ★ Man Thing Rockhampton

Men's Basic Bikini Wax at Man Thing Rockhampton

Speedo Bikini wax $35

  • add bum crease + $20
  • add crease & cheeks + $40
  • add lower belly + $10

Men's Boy-Leg Bikini Wax ★ Man Thing Rockhampton

Men's 3X Boy-Leg Wax at Man Thing Rockhampton

Boy-Leg Bikini wax $49

  • add bum crease + $20
  • add crease, cheeks, & boyleg rear + $50
  • add lower belly + $10

Men's Athletic Manzilian ★ Man Thing Rockhampton

Men's Athletic Brazilian Wax at Man Thing Rockhampton

Athletic Manzilian wax $65

  • add bum crease $20
  • add crease & cheeks + $40

Men's Wedge Manzilian ★ Man Thing Rockhampton

Men's Wedge Brazilian Wax at Man Thing Rockhampton

Wedge Manzilian wax $70

  • add bum crease + $20
  • add crease & cheeks + $40
  • add lower belly + $10

Men's Wedge Boy-Leg Manzilian ★ Man Thing Rockhampton

Men's Wedge Manzilian Wax at Man Thing Rockhampton

Wedge Boy-Leg Manzilian wax $79

  • add bum crease + $20
  • add crease, cheeks, & boyleg rear + $50
  • add lower belly + $10

Men's XXXX Manzilian Wax ★ Man Thing Rockhampton

Men's XXXX Full Brazilian Wax or Full Manzilian

XXXX Manzilian wax $75

  • add bum crease + $20
  • add crease & cheeks + $40
  • add lower belly + $10

Men's XXXX BoyLeg Manzilian ★ Man Thing Rockhampton

Men's 4X Brazilian Wax with longer leg at Man Thing Rockhampton

XXXX Boyleg wax $89

  • add bum crease + $20
  • add crease, cheeks, & boyleg rear + $50
  • add lower belly + $10

Frequently Asked Questions ★ Manzilian Waxing Rockhampton

I've been writing this FAQ section for over 20 years and at some point it became too big, almost impossible to navigate with over 100,000 words.

In order to fix that, I'm steadily converting many questions into separate articles which you can choose to read or not.

You'll now find a quick answer for people who just want brevity, plus a link to a more comprehensive article for those of us who still like to read. 😊

What advice do you have for before and after-care?

I've put together this universal list of male waxing tips and tricks to help ensure the best outcome from your waxing treatment.

Regardless of whether you come to me or go somewhere else, I hope you find it useful.

Full article:

Waxing tips for male body and Brazilian waxing

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How experienced are you in male Brazilian waxing?

I've waxed the balls of 20,000+ men, from coal miners and coppers to sports stars and celebrities.

I'm pretty sure there's no one more experienced in Australia.

Rockhampton waxing and laser hair removal review, client from Noosa

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I'm a cyclist and get itchy rashes on my balls and butt. Should I get waxed?

Yes, waxing is definitely one of the safest and most popular options for male cyclists who want to remove pubic hair from their perineum, anus, and scrotum.

Full article:

Pubic hair waxing, trimming, shaving, and IPL laser options for men who ride bikes

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I want a female therapist. How do I make sure I get one?

Waxing etiquette for Manzilian waxing, or the male Brazilian Wax

I'll let you in on an industry secret.

Every salon owner in the world knows that when a guy rings up asking for a female therapist to do his Manzilian, he's a creep hoping to shoot his load while some innocent girl oils his dick.

Don't be that guy.

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How much does a Manzilian wax hurt?

Like many things, the first time is the worst time. That said however, it's not terribly painful, and any tenderness fades quickly.

Regular follow up treatments are gentler than the first, as your hair roots won't have time to grow to their previous thickness and density.

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Do hair growth retardants work on pubic hair?

Pubic hair regrowth inhibitor at Man Thing Rockhampton

Pubic hair is coarse, and hair growth retardants need to reach the hair follicle to have any impact.

For maximum effectiveness, pubic hair growth retardant must be applied by your waxing therapist immediately after your Manzilian wax.

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Will regular Brazilian Waxing make my hair come back thinner?

Yes, if you maintain it every 4 to 6 weeks. Beyond eight weeks, it will return to its previous thickness. Contrary to popular myth, waxing does not have a permanent effect on hair density unless you keep up with it for a long time.

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Do you have any before and after photos of men's Brazilian Waxing?

Yes, at the end of this page is a hidden gallery to protect the eyes of the innocent. You can enter the gallery wherever you see this emoji 🍆.

Can my partner come in for support while I get my male Brazilian wax?

Yes, that's fine, but given it's for your benefit, I'll be suspicious if they're sitting on their phone. It is not OK for them to take video of your treatment.

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A mate said guys who get men's Brazilians just want to look like little boys.

As the father of four relatively sane now-adult children AND four grand-children, I can assure you that the genitalia of a pre-pubescent boy looks nothing like that of a waxed man.

Sorry to break it to you, but your mate has a kiddie fixation.

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What could prevent me receiving a male Brazilian wax?

This is a big topic. Medications, diseases, and skin disorders, are among the many contraindications for waxing that might make you unsuitable for treatment.

Full article:

Body and Brazilian Waxing Contraindications, Risks, and Protocols

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How old do I have to be to get my pubic hair waxed?

I will provide Manzilian waxing from age 18.

Mens waxing review Frenchville

Under 18, I will only do a Speedo bikini wax which is basically along the leg crease. You will also keep your jocks on, and a parent - not a friend or sibling - will be in the treatment room.

Generally though, it's rare to have a request for removal of pubic hair on boys in their early to mid teens.

For the most part, I think teenage guys like to retain their hair for a few years, perhaps in celebration of reaching puberty. The desire to be smooth generally kicks off from late teens to early twenties, with no upper age limit.

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Is Brazilian Waxing just something gay guys get done?

When I first started performing these treatments 20-something years ago, I would have said yes, most clients are gay, or at least bisexual.

So, what type of guy gets a Manzilian wax? Nowadays, it's everyone. There's no set demographic.

Full article:

What sort of man receives a Manzilian wax, or male Brazilian wax?

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I'm worried I'll get a boner during my Manzilian Wax.

New clients often get a boner, so yes you probably will. Chances are, your little buddy will go hard and soft repeatedly throughout.

Men Brazilian review Norman Gardens Rockhampton

Getting an erection doesn't mean you're 'turning gay' or being unfaithful. You're simply having an adrenaline rush laced with happy hormones - endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin.

Your senses are going boom. After all, you're lying naked in front of a stranger who's dripping oils and warm wax on your man bits while firmly stretching your penis.

And it's great that you're hard. I prefer waxing a boner. It's easier and faster and pulls the skin of your scrotum tight. No skin wrinkles means a nice smooth result.

Related article:

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If I get a Manzilian, will it increase sensitivity during sex?

Yes, dramatically. The difference is amazing. Your partner will love it too.

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What sort of clothing do I wear when I'm on the table?

None. Nada. Zip. Well a shirt and socks if you want.

Beware of any waxing studio that makes you wear disposible undies or hold your own junk.

Male genitalia has a lot of loose skin. During waxing, it needs to be stretched firmly. I don't agree with the general practice in the industry that a male client has to hold his own junk tight, and nor that they should somehow do it through a layer of fabric.

This is why many guys get bruises and skin tears when they go to dodgy waxing studios. When you book, ask if this is how they roll, and if it is, don't do it - Trust me on this; you'll be in agony.

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Will I have to get on all fours to have a Brazilian?

No. Unless your waxer is also a proctologist, this falls into the realm of weird. I can't believe how often guys ask me this, but no, I see no reason why your therapist would need you to bend over like a gimp.

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I'm curious about getting IPL instead. Can I find out more?

Sure. Here's the link to the IPL Hair Removal section of the site:

Treatment page:

IPL or PTF laser hair removal services at Man Thing in Rockhampton

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I'm hung like a hamster. I'm stressed that you'll laugh at my package.

Men are really insecure about sex nowadays. It's due to all the advertising about penis enlargements, erectile dysfunction, etc, which is all just marketing crap.

Sure, some guys do come in with extremely small penises, clinically referred to as a micropenis, which is one that is shorter than 7.5 centimetres (3 inches) when erect.

A therapist of any repute certainly isn't going to belittle a man for the biological cards he was dealt. They are there to remove your hair, not judge you.

As a sidenote, I will say that over the last two decades, the image of only one guy's penis sticks in my memory.

It was massive, beyond huge like a baby's arm, and had a thick Prince Albert piercing through the eye. Then on its underside were 12 titanium dumbbell piercing - one every inch - and under that, two duck-egg sized testicles like you wouldn't believe, with hoop piercings in the scrotum as well.

Its entire length was tattooed bright red with a dragon's head and two huge wings wrapping around the guys buttocks. The whole assembly was truly impressive to behold. Problem being though, he was 45 years old and still a virgin. Just the sight of it scared people, and I seriously doubt that any woman, man, or beast could have endured being this guy's lover. So, he turned it into an artwork with piercings and tattoos.

The moral of this vaguely-related ramble is just to be happy with what you've got.

Full article:

Men's Sexual Insecurities Facts and Myth

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I identify as female or have gender dysphoria. Will you charge me female pricing?

If I am waxing a penis and scrotum, you will be charged male pricing.

If you are post-op and have physically transitioned to female, I will honour female pricing for Brazilian Waxing.

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How long after a male Brazilian wax treatment before I can have sex?

In regards to having sex after a Manzilian wax, everyone's biology is different. Response times do vary from client to client.

Full article:

How soon can I have sex after a Manzilian, or male Brazilian wax?

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Do I need to buy a special exfoliating mitt for the regrowth?

No just a cheapie - Don't pay $20 for one of those yuppy mitts at the salon. Go to Woolworths and buy a pair for two bucks.

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This hidden photo gallery is designed to help guys and/or their partners decide if a full Manzilian is what they want. The dick pics are mine - creepiest sentence ever 😏 and are a few years old but I'll update them soon. Photos are presented tastefully but ARE NOT CENSORED. If you are not of legal age to view such material, or if the sight of penises post-waxing in various states from flaccid to fully erect is likely to offend you, DO NOT PUSH THE RED BUTTON.