Podium Full Body Massage ★ Rockhampton

Intimate M2M Fully Body Massage at Man Thing Rockhampton

Extreme Relaxation Massage

More than just a fluffy relaxation massage, the Podium full body rub is the most intimate M2M (man-to-man) massage I provide. Deliciously decadent, it takes massage to the limit of what Queensland law allows.

This sensuous yet non-sexual massage blends aspects of Lomi Lomi, Remedial, Thai, Swedish, Lingam, Shiatsu, and Tui Na.

The Podium comprises both firm and gentle movements. Acupoint stimulation and remedial petrissage will ease your body's aches, while intimate whole-body effleurage will overwhelm your senses.

You will leave my table feeling thoroughly devoid of anxiety amidst the cloud of happy hormones coursing through your body. And the whole experience smells like chocolate. What's not to love?

Feel free to call me on 4926 7778 or 0422 276 202 if you have any questions or to make a booking. You can also book online.

Have a brilliant day,
Andrew Thompson.

Andrew Thompson, Man Thing Rockhampton


Prices ★ Podium Full Body Massage

Session time is 60 minutes, although sometimes I get lost in the task and it can take up to 75 minutes. I don't charge any more if it takes longer.

Allow 75 to 90 minutes total time including filling out the form beforehand and a few minutes to chill out with water or coffee after.

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FAQ ★ Podium Full Body Massage

What will I wear during my Podium Full Body Massage?

You will be naked. Starkers. Balls to the breeze. I will leave you with a towel initially, but you wiill be nude and uncovered once the treatment begins.

Clients typically request I work nude but it's impractical and unhygienic. Instead, I wear togs or jocks. I enjoy the buzz of working near-nude while still providing a semblance of modesty.

Ex podium dancer. What can I say? 😇 And that's how the massage got its name. 😏

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What is the best time to book an intimate massage?

Daytime appointments are fine but evenings or weekends are definitely best for the Podium full body massage as there is less chance of phones and outside traffic noise to disturb your session.

I'm bi-curious and pretty shy. How extreme is this massage?

Everyone is different. I pick up quickly on a client's needs and insecurities and tailor each session on the move.

I'm openly bisexual. A lot of guys who book the Podium Massage are bi-curious or virgin. They've never touched or been touched by a guy before, and some not by a woman either.

If that's your situation, this treatment should prove ideal. We'll have a chat before the massage and you can tell me any concerns or issues you might have. I'll then be able to modify the treatment as needed so as not to take you out of your comfort zone.

You'll also be in a safe space with a willing ear if you want to talk about anything in confidence.

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I had an M2M massage once, the masseur was girly. I wasn't comfortable.

I'm not remotely feminine. I'm muscled, battle-scarred from mountain biking, and I swear too much.

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I just want an erotic gay massage. Is that what this is?

Not really. You're after a sex worker. Try searching on Locanto.

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I'm female. Can I book a Podium Massage or is just for men?

Certainly, the women's version is the same as for men except I perform Yoni massage instead of Lingam.

I'll set up a separate page for the women's treatment soon.

Meanwhile read all the FAQ here to make sure this treatment is what you want. Everything that applies to men also applies to you.

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I'd like something more holistic.

If you're thinking "I like the intimate vibe but want something more spiritual or therapeutic", you might prefer the Tantric Male Massage.

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Preparing for your full body massage

Shower before you come in for your Podium Full Body Massage. If you stink or have not cleaned yourself properly, I won't be treating you.

Men's waxing at Man Thing, Rockhampton

Any massage treatment is always more enjoyable, for both you and the therapist, with little or no body hair.

If you have long swirls of body hair, please clipper it to at most a #4 length.

Alternatively, book me for a men's waxing or body clipper treatment before your Podium Massage.

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I'm worried I'll cum. I don't want to offend you.

This treatment is non-sexual in intent, but it's intimate nonetheless.

I work a lot with men's genitalia, especially for waxing and IPL, and occasionally a guy will climax incidentally during treatment. It's not a daily thing but it does happen.

It's not my role or goal to make you cum, but don't stress if you do. It's only semen. There are far worse body excretions.

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Contraindications for full body male massage

These factors will prevent you from receiving a Podium Full Body Massage.

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