Revive M2M Holistic Massage ★ Rockhampton

Intimate Body & Massage Treatments at Man Thing Rockhampton

Reclaim your Masculine Energy

Revive Male Massage is a refreshing and intimate experience of the mind, spirit, and body, designed to help you reconnect with your broken masculine self.

Guys who book these special M2M (man-to-man) sessions come from all walks of life. They are straight and gay, single and married, professional and blue collar.

Drawing on ancient modalities from throughout the Asia-Pacific, this intimate yet therapeutic treatment is both holistic and tantric, and occupies a special place between remedial and sensual massage.

Feel free to call me on 4926 7778 or 0422 276 202 if you have any questions or to make a booking. You can also book online.

Have a brilliant day,
Andrew Thompson.

Andrew Thompson in Speedos, Man Thing Rockhampton


Prices ★ Revive Male Massage

Session time is 60 minutes although sometimes I get lost in the task and it can take up to 75 minutes. I don't charge any more if it takes longer.

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FAQ ★ Revive Male Massage

Men need men

Particularly since #metoo and the pandemic, isolation and loneliness have crept into men's lives, even the ones who seem to be coping. Men often feel emasculated, and it's impossible to talk to friends or family about truly personal problems.

The Saved, a painting by Andrew Xavier Thompson, 2010

I know all this because they tell me.

Holding a man's penis in my hand while I do his Manzilian wax is the ultimate test of trust.

Once you've done that for a guy, he starts sharing everything with you, every secret, every frustration.

I came to realise that what many guys wanted was an intimate and unwavering male confidante.

This awareness inspired the adjacent painting which hangs in my Rockhampton studio.

I've provided these sessions for years now. Offering Revive Male Massage changed the tone and pace of my life.

In half-light and free from distraction, I will help you find that happy place inside.

You'll focus on the moment, on our shared energies, on each intimate touch and sensation, and re-emerge into the world a stronger man.

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Less is more?

At this point, if you're thinking "I like the sexy vibe but don't really want all this spiritual stuff", the Podium Full Body Massage might be more to your liking.

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Your manhood is your furnace of power

Imagine that your genitals, or manhood, are a furnace of power, the centre of your masculine essence. From your manhood, channels fan out into your body like blood vessels, distributing that power where needed.

When your life is going very well, the furnace of your manhood is roaring, forcing your essence into those channels to your organs, your brain, to the tips of your fingers and toes.

People look at you with envy and adoration. Everything about you glows.

Tantric Sensual male massage in Rockhampton review by city client

But sometimes life beats you down. You get ill, or you lose your job, or confusion reigns, or your loved one leaves you. Your furnace diminishes, your channels stop flowing, and your masculine self hides away.

Your furnace is reduced to an ember and your channels and organs are drained. You remain a physical man, but helpless and without direction.

Revive Male Massage is the tool I use to help lift men back onto their feet. This is how a typical TMM session unfolds:

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Nude is good

This is a sensual but non-sexual massage. It's not my role or goal to make you cum. Instead, imagine waves of extremely heightened arousal, over and over again.

Andrew Thompson performs tantric male massage in yellow Aussie Bum underpants.

To perform this treatment, I need you completely nude and uncovered.

I dress down too. Undies or togs. Near-naked, I feel unashamedly virile. That's important to both of us, because for now, I'm the dominant male in the room.

My libido powers this treatment. I need to be fully engaged to provide a smooth flow of energy between us, while still maintaining a semblance of modesty.

Some clients suggest I work nude, but that defeats the purpose. At the end of the day, this remains a therapeutic treatment. I need you to focus on your naked state, not mine.

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Ancient remedies for modern problems

Revive Male Massage aims to help men afflicted with:

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Contraindications for Revive Male Massage

These factors will prevent you from receiving a Revive Male Massage.

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Preparing for your Revive Male Massage

Shower before you come in for a TMM session.

Men's Brazilian Waxing a.k.a Manzilian waxing at Man Thing, Rockhampton

If you don't normally wax, laser, or IPL your pubic and bum hair, please clipper it to at most a #2 length.

Alternatively, book me for a Manzilian wax or a body clipper treatment immediately before your Revive Male Massage.

Do not have sex or masturbate for 24 hours prior to your session.

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