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Hi and welcome. My name is Andrew Thompson. I've been working on human bodies for 30+ years.

Skin care treatments can be confusing. There are literally hundreds, with each new 'wonder treatment' promising to be better than everything else.

To help simplify things, you'll find an overview of all the skin treatments I provide below. If you want to find out more about a treatment, including prices and specials, you can click on its link to go through to the full page.

I hope to meet you soon. ⭐ Andrew Thompson.

Andrew Thompson, Man Thing Rockhampton

Diamond Microdermabrasion ~ Man Thing Rockhampton Skin Treatments

Diamond Microdermabrasion is the starting point. There's no pain and it actually feels quite nice.

Diamond Microdermabrasion is the first step to all facial treatments, available at Man Thing in Rockhampton

The goal with Diamond Micro is to gently abraid the old dead skin cells off the surface and also suck the goop out of your pores.

It's basically a deep clean, followed by a light nourishing moisturiser to leave you skipping out the door feeling fresh.

You can use Diamond Micro as a standalone treatment or as foundational prep before the other skin treatments.

Intraceuticals Serum Infusions ~ Man Thing Rockhampton Skin Treatments

An Intraceuticals Serum Infusion is performed straight after Diamond Micro.

Oxygen serum infusions are a luxurious facial treatment at Man Thing in Rockhampton

It is ideal for people with neglected skin who want their face to look more full and youthful but don't want to go down the injectables path.

Using hyperbaric oxygen instead of needles, this treatment infuses vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants deep into the skin to help improve its health.

You will leave the treatment feeling relaxed and super-fresh. Over the weeks that follow, those vital nutrients will continue working from the inside out, bringing volume to your face and more balanced appearance to your skin.

The only other skin treatment that can be tagged onto a Serum Infusion session is IPL Acne, which would be performed before I apply the serums.

IPL Photo Rejuvenation ~ Man Thing Rockhampton Skin Treatments

For Photo Rejuvenation, I use PTF, an advanced form of IPL (intense pulsed light). Photo Rejuve means 'make your skin look younger using light'.

IPL photo rejuvenation treatments are available at Man Thing, Rockhampton

As the light passes through your skin, it looks for specific targets (chromophores), then converts to heat to help destroy them. Think freckles, skin blemishes, and broken capillaries.

Fine lines will also soften over the course of treatments due to the simultaneous impact of heating collagen fibres, but if you are particularly focused on wrinkle reduction, RF Skin Tightening is a stronger solution.

IPL Photo Rejuve treatments can be mildly uncomfortable but are not painful. You will have at least some skin pinkness afterwards which can last from a few hours to several days depending on the depth or size of the area being treated.

Except for when specifically treating broken capillaries, Diamond Micro can be combined with IPL Photo Rejuve to clean away surface debris that may inhibit treatment, and also to refresh the skin from previous treatments.

IPL Acne Removal ~ Man Thing Rockhampton Skin Treatments

IPL Acne Removal targets a compound in acne called porphyrin. Effectively targeted, each porphyrin cell releases a single oxygen molecule which is fatal to the acne virus.

IPL acne removal treatments available at Man Thing in Rockhampton

Most IPL units can't effectively target porphyrin as it responds best to a very specific wavelength of yellow light; 420 - 440nM. My PTF units nail this nicely.

Note though that this treatment is for live acne outbreaks, not scarring.

To treat acne scarring, I recommend alternating treatments of IPL Photo Rejuve to target uneven colour with RF Skin Tightening to straighten collagen fibres.

Treatments can be mildly uncomfortable but are not painful. Though not essential, I generally recommend Diamond Micro immediately before the treatment to remove any pus and debris that might otherwise block the light.

RF Skin Tightening ~ Man Thing Rockhampton Skin Treatments

RF is short for Radio Frequency. RF Skin Tightening uses sound waves to generate heat deep in the skin. This helps straighten collagen fibres in the dermis, which in turn reduces wrinkles and scarring.

RF Skin Tightening treatments available at Man Thing, Rockhampton

RF Skin Tightening can be used with bipolar, tripolar, and multipolar heads, which allows treatments to be performed on small or large body areas.

This versatility makes RF ideal for helping to smooth cellulite, saggy skin, and stretch marks.

Some response might be immediately visible or in the days that follow, however the treatments are targeting new skin layers, so the effects are progressively noticeable over 6 to 8 weeks.

RF Skin Tightening is a standalone procedure but can also be combined with any other treatment on this page. Treatments can be a little uncomfortable but not painful. Some clients have actually said the deep warmth feels nice.

Ultrasound Body Sculpting ~ Man Thing Rockhampton Skin Treatments

Ultrasound Fat Cavitation treatments at Man Thing, North Rockhampton

Ultrasound Fat Cavitation, (also called Body Sculpting) breaks down the bonds that form between fat cells.

The resulting waste material is then expelled via the body's natural elimination processes. Some is also converted to energy.

During treatment, you will experience varying degrees of high pitched sound. Since this is happening within your body, only you can hear it, not me.

You will also feel warmth in the treated areas, however this should not be too uncomfortable. Some results may be immediately visible but generally it happens over a period of weeks.

Results are vastly improved if you exercise regularly and manage your diet during the course of treatments.

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