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Hi and welcome. My name is Andrew Thompson. I've been working on human bodies for 30+ years, and I will be your therapist.

Man Thing is the longest established studio in Australia using the Beyond White Spa Teeth Whitening System.

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Treatments are pain free, heat free, gentle on gums, and with treatments starting from $125, are a fraction of what you'd expect to pay for teeth whitening at the dentist.

At that price, why would you even bother with a DIY home kit?

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Designed specifically for beauty professionals by dental technicians at Beyond Laboratories in Silicon Valley, the White Spa truly has no equal.

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Call me on 4926 7778 or 0422 276 202 if you have any questions or to make a booking. You can also book online.

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Andrew Thompson.

Andrew Thompson, Man Thing Rockhampton

Prices ~ Rockhampton Teeth Whitening

Single Application (1 x 20 minute) Teeth Whitening special price Rockhampton$199

Double Application (2 x 20 minutes) Teeth Whitening special price Rockhampton$375

Questions & Answers ~ Rockhampton Teeth Whitening

How many White Spa teeth whitening sessions will I need?

Most people are happy after a single application, while some elect to follow with another one. If needed we can do multiple applications back-to-back so it's all done during the one visit.

How does the White Spa system differ from the light accelerators used by dentists.

Often it doesn't. The White Spa system is built by a dental engineering company but also available to beauty professionals. The system is very expensive to purchase which is why you rarely hear of them outside of dental surgeries.

How does the White Spa differ from the light I receive with a home kit?

review nurse teeth whitening RockhamptonHome kits often come with a 5-LED light powered by a watch battery. It is very, very low intensity bright-blue light.

This is why you need to hold it between your lips for an hour each time and repeat the treatment up to ten times.

In contrast, the White Spa accelerator has 12000 optic fibres and 30 layers of optical glass, channelling a precise cyan-blue light onto your teeth. It is so powerful, that to the naked eye, the light appears white and clients must wear protective eye wear during the treatment.

The White Spa teeth whitening accelerator is the best tech there is. Nothing else comes close.

Is teeth whitening for everyone?

White Spa is ideal for removing stains caused by smoking, medication, coffee, and cola drinks. It is also effective for teeth discoloured by age. Anyone with normal healthy teeth and gums can use White Spa, however it is generally accepted that pregnant women and children under 16 years of age do not undertake teeth whitening treatments.

It is not recommended for teeth with open cavities, exposed nerves, or a build up of plaque. Nor is it a substitute for regular dental checkups. If your teeth or gums are in poor condition, see your dentist first.

I'm worried about UV light burning my gums and lips during treatment.

IPL acne removal treatments available at Man Thing in Rockhampton

The White Spa accelerator doesn't operate in the UV spectrum so this isn't an issue.

Our teeth whitening units operate in the green-blue part of the light spectrum at 480nM to 520 nM.

This is in a similar range to that used by IPL machines for combatting acne bacteria, which of course is designed to be safe for skin.

How long will my teeth whitening last?

Used in conjunction with regular brushing and good lifestyle habits, your White Spa treatment may last up to two years. A lot of clients opt for a top up every six months to keep their teeth looking their best.

Will teeth whitening work on fillings and crowns?

No. Teeth whitening of any kind only works on natural teeth. When you go to the dentist for a filling or crown, they match the colour with your surrounding teeth. That colour is artificial and won't whiten.

What are the side effects of White Spa Teeth Whitening?

Rarely, some people may experience mild sensitivity to hot and cold foods for the next 24 hours. During this time, you should avoid smoking, or any food or drink that is too hot, too cold, or dark in colour.

Should I brush my teeth before a teeth whitening treatment?

Yes, brush and floss if possible. Don't over-brush though as we don't want the gums inflamed before the treatment. Also avoid wearing lipstick or lip gloss to your appointment.

Can I combine teeth whitening with other beauty treatments?

Yes. Your teeth whitening treatment won't impact any other treatments.