Thommo's Social Fitness ★ Rockhampton

Social rides in Rockhampton area including Yeppoon, Cawarral, and Mt Morgan.

Hi and welcome. My name is Andrew Thompson. I've been working on human bodies for 30 years, and riding bikes for over 50.

Working in the health, fitness, and beauty sectors, people of all shapes, ages, and demographics cross my path.

Increasingly, many complain that they're fat or unfit but they're bombarded with too much information. They don't know where to start.

Andrew Thompson, Man Thing Rockhampton

My advice is always the same. Eat less, exercise more. It works. Whatever excuse you can conceive, it does actually work.

I like to try and help people, whether clients or not, begin their journey to a happier life. That's what these activities are about. You're welcome to join me. It's totally free.

I post social events and updates on my personal Facebook page, so follow/friend me there for the latest info.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I only log into Facebook every few days so the best ways to get my attention are Messenger, landline 07 4926 7778, or mobile 0422 276 202.

Have a brilliant day,
Andrew (Thommo) Thompson.

What is Thommo's Social Fitness (TSF)?

TSF is a new and informal social fitness group for 2024. It's open to men and women of all abilities.

The basics

Essentially, I provide opportunities for people to exercise with others, and find encouragement to do so, in small group settings, typically of 2 to 6 people.

These activities complement or form part of my existing personal fitness regime, so it's an easy service to provide and I love having new people come along.

I particularly enjoy helping beginners find their feet, and intermediate level athletes improve their performance and skills.


Social Fitness Activities

The main activities at present are mountain bike and gravel rides around Rockhampton, and kayaking at Hedlow Creek.

I'd like to expand both to Mount Morgan and Capricorn Coast if there's enough interest.

Running and street skating are two other sports I dabble in and would like to see grow.

Throughout the year, I also try to put a small bunch of people together to attend other group's events in Central Queensland such as the annual Curtis Island social ride organised by Gladstone MTB.

Regular events at present are:

Social Fitness - What do I need?

Social Bike Rides

Social Bike Rides - night extras



I use Goodlife, North Rockhampton. It's 24 hour, has good facilities, and there's a cop shop right next door.

Don't sign up long-term until you know that you like it. You're better off paying a bit more for a few weeks than getting stuck with a contract you don't want.